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The Carefree Drive (The 'RIDE' You Can't Live Without!)
June 24, 2019 06:06 PM PDT
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It has been quite rainy this season...most of the spring and now leading into summer, which is officially here. I'm not one who is influenced that greatly by strong winds, dark clouds, torrential downpour and flooding but Mother Nature has a way of getting attention. She definitely caught mine.

Not to be deterred, I turn to the tunes. There's all kinds of new stuff out there, some of which you'll hear on this show. Personally, I just try to make an interesting blend, like a 5 star chef. Cooked to perfection. Let me know if the meal was served 'just right'.

Special shout to Mikael Manley, legendary Commodores guitarist and one heckuva sound man, for all those loooooooong chats and for being that brother from another mother .


Her Name Is (Su Nombre Es).....
May 18, 2019 06:55 PM PDT
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Beauty in the dark.....it piques the curiousity, the need to know.

There's much to say about the silhouette of a woman, the shadows of mystery. Lurking in the dark, she's poised somewhere between the shadows and the light. For some it's a mystique that's attractive and sexy, For others, possibly even dangerous. Perhaps there's some magical magnetism that, one way or another, draws us closer.

Her name is....whatever she wants it to be.

The Carefree Drive (The 'RIDE' You Can't Live Without!)
May 03, 2019 04:07 PM PDT
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I'm LISTENING! Stop hitting that 'WE WANT MORE' button (although honestly speaking, I LOVE the attention).

Here it is....listen and enjoy and feel free to share/repost.
I'm not including the playlist this time, I found out someone has not been doing their due diligence and has been duplicating my flow. There's truth in the saying that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". But then again, imitation doesn't necessarily mean duplication, does it?

Anyway, hit me up, let me know what you think about the mix. Some of the finest in smooth jazz assembled here at the hands of yours truly, The Musical Chauffeur.

The Sounds Of The Season
December 25, 2018 06:55 AM PST
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Christmas....ahhhh, the most wonderful time of year. A time to gather, reminisce and reflect. A time to LOVE.

Funnin'.....Old School Still Nu
August 16, 2018 06:01 PM PDT
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Always putting my jazzy twist on things....and of course, 'IN THE MIX', Funnin' is a one of the 30 minute jazz mixes I put together for a short stint on a radio network several years back.
It was challenging and exciting to do something different and spice up the show at that time. It was my 30 minutes to show off my skills. The shows producer loved the mixes and kept me on. Unfortunately that whole thing came to an abrupt end. It ended up being a stepping stone for bigger and better things. No regrets...its all about the music

Phyllis Hyman, Angel Flying Free
July 07, 2018 05:11 AM PDT
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It's easy for me to admit I fell in love with this woman at some point a long time ago.

Like so many others, I still have much love for her even now.

Phyllis captured me with that beautiful voice and captivating beauty.
My "Sophisticated Lady". The One who has the amazing ability to make me remember, recall, reminisce, reflect and forget, leaving behind those sad days and difficult times. Rather instead I found solace in and coolin' with Phyllis and those collabs with Pharoah Monk, McCoy Tyner, Norman Connors and Michael Henderson.

This tribute recalls the amazing class and beauty of Phyllis Hyman, a star whose light faded too early and tragically. Depression and cocaine were her demons and her suicide left us devastated, asking, ourselves How and Why?

This mix takes me back to the eve of our meeting at the legendary Blue Note in NYC. I sat at her feet next to the stage and gazed up at this statuesque beauty, even taller with her signature headpiece. Post performance I was blessed to present her with a dozen roses. Definitely one of my life's most memorable moments. Many years later I can feel that night and recall my nervous sweaty palms. I smiling because she left me with something....a few special precious moments in time.

My preference here is to play her ballads, some of which may be more unfamiliar and obscure so for some you may be hearing new grooves. That's alright. Believe me, it's all good!

So here it is...hoping to see you again angel. Maybe we can Meet On The Moon.

If you loved her like I did, drop a comment or two below.

Here's That Rainy Day
But I Love You
Falling Star
The Answer Is You
No One Can Love You More
Hold Me
Somewhere In My Lifetime
Be One
You And I
I'm Truly Yours
Give A Little More
Groove With You
Betcha By Golly Wow
Can't We Fall In Love Again
When I Give My Love This Time
Hurry Up This Way Again
Old Friend
I Refuse to Be Lonely
Meet Me On The Moon

The Carefree Drive, The Ride You Can't Live Without (
April 29, 2018 02:02 AM PDT
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In spite of the fact that I practically lost my voice due to a battle with a cold, and physically was a little drained, this is where the rubber meets the road. Time to put in some work, after all, mentally I was feeling pretty good. Good enough to take a Carefree Drive.

If you happen to be a little under the weather, maybe the change of seasons got ahold of ya, then this show is for you. Get your Kleenex, sit down, get comfy and hang with TheJazzman for a while. Guaranteed to soothe, it's music for medicinal purpose with some of the best in Smooth Jazz (it works....you'll see!)

Will Downing, Copacetic, Urban Jazz Coalition, JWB, Doc Powell, Nick Colionne, Jay Soto, BWB, Kay-Ta, Euge Groove, Vandell Andrew, Najee, Brian Simpson, Blair Bryant, Althea Rene, Maria Jacobs, Phillippe Saisse and much more!


The Carefree Drive... The Ride You Can't Live Without!!
March 23, 2018 03:00 PM PDT
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Just Came Here To Chill Smooth Jazz All Stars
The Chill Factor Emanuel Stanley
Chill Session Audley Reid
Closer Nick Colionne
Because It's Really Love Maysa
While You Were Dreaming (feat. Michael Lington) Adam Hawley
Free Ain't Free Mikael
We Got That Love Dee Lucas
Come with Me Zolbert
Love, Passion and Joy Euge Groove
Tender Daniel Chia
Love Take Me (Featuring Lindsey Webster) Rick Braun
Anytime Anyplace Donald Hayes
Wonderful Philip Maurice
Love Song (feat. Marion Meadows) Ragan Whiteside
Highly Sensitive Jill Saward
Rest Assured Oli Silk
Silent Love Bruce Riley
When You Smile (feat. Brian Culbertson) Marqueal Jordan
Get Here Eric Marienthal
Drive Thru Jeanne Ricks
Love Will Follow (feat. John Reid) Sugar and Silk Cruising Kuhio Hwy Patrick Yandall
Harveston Way Darryl Williams

Downtime Volume 13
August 04, 2017 10:21 AM PDT
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Besides jazz I just have this thing for neo-soul...those grooves just get me every time. You'll hear that quite a bit in this mix, another one from my Downtime series.


The Voice (Intro) Raheem Devaughn
Without You Charlie Wilson
For You Nina Shaw
Heaven Kem
The Best Rahsaan Patterson
Without You Kem
Makings of You (Interlude) Angie Stone
Know It's Alright (Interlude) Carl Thomas
Sunshine Floetry
All You've Given Carl Thomas
Dreaming (Interlude) Ledisi
Hotel Ledisi
Come Close To Me Common feat Mary J Blige
Is It Possible Raheem DeVaughn
Love, Need, & Want You Jaguar Wright
You Might Win Kem
Other Side Of The Game Erykah Badu
Without You Dwele
Soul Free Rahsaan Patterson
Living For The Love Dwele
Catching Feelings Faith Evans

Downtime Volume. 6
August 04, 2017 08:23 AM PDT
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Several years ago (I was blowing up the music scene as DJ RL then) I created a series of music cds incorporating mainly R&B with an every-now-and-then mix of jazz. I think I actually retired the series at Volume 18. I might post a few more but for now, here's one of my favs from that series....ENJOY!!

Dangerously In Love Beyonce
Smile Tamia
Burn Usher
Think About You Luther Vandross
Spending Time With You Janet Jackson
She Is Hous'ton
Simple Things Usher
Bedda At Home Jill Scott
Mocha Soul Impromp2
Your Body's Callin' R. Kelly
Wallflower Critically Acclaimed & Kev Bro
What If Ruben Studdard
Sweeter Than Sugar Joe
Easy Conversation Jill Scott
Diary feat Tony Toni Tone Alicia Keys
If I Aint Got You Alicia Keys
Everything About You Avant
Priceless Joe
You Got Me Avant

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